The Tundra Trait Team

The Tundra Trait Team is an inclusive group of tundra ecologists involved in ongoing efforts to understand patterns of functional trait variation across scales, identify changes in functional traits in response to climate warming, and better understand the consequences of these changes for tundra ecosystem functioning.

The TTT was founded by Anne Bjorkman and Isla Myers-Smith in association with members of the sTundra working group (German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research; iDiv) in an effort to increase the depth and breadth of trait data available for tundra plant species. The only requirement for membership of the TTT is the contribution of trait data; all are welcome to join. The Tundra Trait Team collaborates with the TRY plant trait database.

For more information contact: Anne Bjorkman or Isla Myers-Smith

Version 1 of the Tundra Trait Team database contains nearly 92,000 trait observations on nearly 978 species. The map above indicates all unique TTT locations.

TTT Contact Information

The TTT database includes the name of the data contributor for every trait observation. If your analyses rely heavily on a data contributor’s data, we recommend you get in touch with them (contact information below). We believe that collaborating with the original data contributors is beneficial to both data users and contributors, first because it recognizes the hard work that has gone into the collection of these data, and secondly because it can be helpful to data users to have input from someone who knows the sites and species so well.

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The seeds of the mountain avens (Dryas integrifolia) twist as they develop. Once ripe, they stand upright and feather outward to be carried away by the wind, dispersing to new environments across the tundra landscape.

Photo credit: Anne D. Bjorkman